Alan E. Busch

Alan is a 41 year veteran of the Financial Services Industry. A native of Michigan, Alan moved to Florida in 1975 and passed his state boards. After a three year apprenticeship, he entered the management field in the Tampa Bay area, where his responsibilities included running a field office and training field personnel for one of the oldest financial service companies in the United States. He opened his own business in 1983, specializing in Retirement and Income Planning.

He and his wife of 40 years, Susan, reside in Pinellas County and are very active in their church, where Susan is an accomplished musician. He is a physical fitness and nutrition enthusiast.


John F. Ripley

John lived and worked in Tampa Bay for nearly a decade before expanding his business efforts to include Orlando and the balance of Central Florida.  As a radio host and public speaker, John strives to breakdown complex financial strategies into easy to use steps for clients to maximize their retirement assets.

John, a drummer, is recently remarried.  His Bride Stacey is an accomplished musician and Worship Leader and together they enjoy various musical opportunities and spending time with their five children, four of which are in college.

Our Mission:

Smarter Retirement Solutions exists to protect and prosper the assets of hard working Americans who are receiving biased advice from advisors and firms who have placed their own interests ahead of their clients.

Our goal is simple; we help our clients make smart choices about their money, retirement assets, employer benefits, Social Security strategies, estate plans and lifetime Income Plans.