Business owners

Business Owners

Business owners face unique challenges and unique opportunities. Entrepreneurs and business leaders can become so focused on managing their operations that they neglect planning for their personal future. This neglect can jeopardize the financial futures of both the owner and the business. Finding time to attend to this crucial aspect of financial planning or trying to navigate planning without a trusted partner can be daunting.

Our dedicated team of Financial Strategists and Investment Adviser Representatives can simplify this challenging and often confusing planning process. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities business owners like you face every day, and we can help you secure your financial future today while maximizing the benefits and tax advantages afforded many business owners.

Secure Financing
Cash flow management often requires outside financing, which many business owners struggle to attain. Using personal savings is rarely an optimal solution. Still, countless business owners feel trapped by the demands of payroll and other obligations and use personal accounts to fund their businesses in times of stress. However, overdependence on private finances stresses the business and the family that owns that company. We work with business owners to explore multiple financing options, minimizing the overall cost of capital and enhancing overall benefits to the business and the owners.

Tax Efficiency
Strategic tax planning is crucial for business owners. The unnecessary overpayment of taxes is a common experience for small businesses.  Getting blindsided by unexpected tax bills can significantly set back or derail even the most successful businesses. Maximizing tax efficiency can substantially increase your business's available income. As with inflation, tax rates are almost certain to increase during the balance of your lifetime. Our Ed Slott Elite Advisors team employs tax mitigation strategies to reduce lifetime taxation and business wealth transfer when it is time to sell your company.

Retirement Planning
Many business owners assume that the sale of their business will provide for their retirement years. However, economic downturns or technology shifts often make the business difficult to sell when the owner needs the cash.  We begin with the end in mind and assist entrepreneurs with personal retirement planning even during the start-up phase of their company, so that when the time is right, they can retire as planned. By securing future retirement years now, we can establish diversified and independent streams of income that will provide stability and peace of mind for the future.

Business Succession and Exit Planning
Exiting your business or passing it on to a successor significantly impacts the business's and its stakeholders' future prosperity. Our Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) experts can help you design a business succession plan that will protect the interests of all parties involved. A comprehensive succession plan will also address numerous tax and financial concerns resulting from the succession.

Legacy Planning
Business owners often work a lifetime but have poorly organized legacy plans. This deficiency can cause unwanted and unnecessary additional stress for survivors. We partner with CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys to ensure that our Retirement Income Plans provide the most secure means of tax-efficient wealth transfer possible. 

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