As a diverse and passionate team, we share a common passion for helping individuals and families plan for a secure financial future. Our highest priority is to create personalized solutions that provide our clients with predictable, reliable, secure, and sustainable lifetime income. Influenced by leading experts and the industry’s most educated minds, we’re determined to serve others to the highest fiduciary standards, consistently placing our client’s best interests ahead of our own.

Our team has been serving clients for several decades combined, and we are honored to experience the joy of helping people from all walks of life improve their financial outcomes. 

Our underlying standard of care, excellence, and kindness drives our daily commitment to pursue  excellence on behalf of those we serve. As a fiduciary-minded firm, we strive to grow in professional skill and industry insight.  Each team member is equipped with unique talents and specialties, which allows us to serve clients across the USA and around the globe. 

While we strive to ensure that each family understands that

Income Is The Outcome That Matters Most In Retirement,

we live by the motto; 

“We help you make memories, not just money!®” 

Our Team

Stacy Ripley

Director of Client Success

Clint Connell FRC℠

Investment Adviser Representative

Micheal D’Avella

Investment Adviser Representative

Garridan Baldomino

Financial Strategist

Tina Wenzel

Client Engagement Manager

Jayleigh Feliciano

Administrative Assistant

Grace Maehl

Administrative Assistant