Retirement eligibility rules are:

  1. Complete 20 years of “Covered or 6C” service and be at least 50 years old
  2. Have 25 years of service at any age
  3. IMPORTANT: You must have at least 20 years of special provision creditable service time to retire under the FERS Special Provision Retirement rules. If you have less than 20 years of special provision time, you fall under the standard FERS retirement rules (link them back to the FERS Annuity section)

Firefighter Mandatory Retirement

Based on the profession's highly demanding and stressful nature, Law Enforcement Officers have a mandatory retirement age of 57

Your FERS Annuity Calculation

Multiply your High Three Salaray by 1.7% of your High-3 salary for the first 20 years of service Good Time service
Multiply your High Three Salaray by 1.0% for every year of service beyond 20

How Does OPM Calculate Your High-3 Salary?

Your High-3 salary is the average salary during the best 36 consecutive months of your FERS career. This is not necessarily the last three years of federal service as Locality Pay is included in High-3 calculations while Overseas COLA is not.

You can’t lose your High-3; it is always with you, and OPM will use it to calculate your FERS Annuity
You will be eligible for the FERS Special Retirement Supplement when you retire

You will not have an Earnings Test until you reach your MRA

Effective in 2024, you can retire before age 50 and have penalty-free access to your TSP if you have reached 25 years of Special Provision Service.  This is an improvement for younger feds who were eligible to retire with “25 and Any Age retirement eligibility but felt forced to wait until age 50 to get access to their TSP

Just because you can access your TSP does not mean that is a good idea.  Consider speaking to one of our financial professionals to develop a prudent retirement spending plan.

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