5 Smart Steps to a Confident Retirement

Discovery Step


The Discovery Step allows for mutual discovery. We get to know you, and you get to know us. We learn where you are today and where you want to go. You learn our process, priorities, and philosophy. We gather financial statements and information as required to serve you as a fiduciary.

Analysis Step


In the Analysis Step, we seek to understand your budgeting, debt management, retirement savings, taxation perspective, and personalized risk tolerance. We ask questions to understand you better and offer meaningful recommendations during future visits.

Action Plan Step

Action Plan

The Action Plan Step includes recommendations to mitigate market, longevity, and taxation risks. We clearly explain each idea and collaborate with you to finalize the Plan. Our Retirement Income Plans are flexible, keep pace with inflation, and allow you to make memories with those you love most.

Implementation Step


During the Implementation Step, our team assists in submitting necessary account forms and facilitates the required administrative steps for each solution. We help coordinate funds transfers directly from one custodian to the other. No check or payment is ever transmitted to Smarter Retirement Solutions or our team members.

Review Step


Our Review Step is an ongoing part of our process. Our team partners with you during each season of life, and we connect often to review and adjust your Retirement Income and Legacy Plans. Your ongoing digital access to your Client Portal allows for regular check-ups and course corrections.

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