Legacy planning

Legacy Planning

At Smarter Retirement Solutions, we understand that life is fragile and none of us are guaranteed to live as long as statistics might say we should. When your time on earth is finished you’ll be leaving your loved ones so much more than money. You’ll be passing on family history and values, leaving an emotional and moral legacy as well as a financial one. And most importantly, you’ll be passing on the memories that your loved ones will hold in their hearts forever.

Our legacy planning ideas are driven by our passion to help you make memories with those you love most while your body and mind are fit and sharp and you can enjoy those adventures.  Typically, estate planning focuses on the transfer of tangible assets.  Our legacy planning process will help you establish a multi-generational family story and create a definitive plan for the management of a heritage that goes far beyond financial assets. Together we’ll discuss how your family’s stewardship of your legacy will help write future chapters in family history and benefit the generations to come after you. Generosity is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities you will ever engage in, and our legacy planning can help you achieve peace of mind, knowing that your financial, emotional, and sentimental gifts will be enjoyed and stewarded to advantage for decades to come.

Our team of dedicated Financial Strategists and Financial Advisor Representatives would be honored to help you ensure the future of your family legacy. Click the link below to schedule a private consultation today.

Click the link below to schedule a private consultation today.

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