• What Is Retirement Income Planning?

    Done right, Retirement Income Planning is a process that helps you answer the following questions:

    1. Where are you financially today? We review your current financial situation.
    2. Where do you want to go? We find out what you want, your objectives and goals for the future.
    3. How are we going to get there? The SMART plan.

    Smarter Retirement Solutions follows a 5 SMART Steps Process for financial success. Learn more about our process.

    Everyone needs financial advice from time to time. Maybe you need help with your 401(k) investments? Maybe you see retirement on the horizon and you want to know how you can afford it? Perhaps retirement is upon you and you need to know how to make your money last. Maybe you are doing your own investing and you want to make sure you are doing the right thing. The list goes on and on. Retirement Income Planning addresses these.

  • Why Should I Have A Retirement Income Plan?

    The adage goes “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” The planning process helps identify not only what is achievable given your resources, but sometimes what is being overlooked. Ideally, it solidifies that your goals are really your goals and helps balance the pull and push of today’s needs, wants, and wishes with those of the future.

  • What Type Of Information Do I Need To Provide?

    The quantifiable items are what you own, what you owe, and what you earn. In conversations with our team, we will help you uncover the qualitative factors such as your history with money and your core values, as they help you set achievable goals.

  • What Should A Retirement Income Plan Include?

    A Retirement Income Plan should include a review of your goals and objectives, net worth, cash flow, investment portfolio, insurance, retirement budget, long-term medical expense needs, and taxes. These are the building blocks used to create projections and to design a plan for implementing strategies to achieve your goals. The plan should also include various probabilities of success for achieving your objectives. We plan for income first so you can have the peace of mind for which we all strive.

  • Why Do I Need A Team Of Financial Advisors?

    You need a team because you need someone to guide you toward financial flexibility. Even with a steady source of income and relatively little debt, a job loss, market crash, or other emergency could destroy your sense of financial security. You need access to experienced financial professionals who can guide you through each financial change as it occurs.

  • What Is A Financial Planner Or Advisor?

    Anyone can say that he or she is a financial advisor. Find out what the qualifications, credentials, and life experiences of your “planner” or “advisor” are before you entrust them with your finances. We offer a no obligation get acquainted visit via phone, video, or in person.

    Smarter Retirement Solutions is part of the Tucker family of advisors in Littleton, CO. Our team is qualified to help you with your financial advisory needs. This means that we adhere to a rigorous code of ethics, and are registered with many states, and for some of our team members, the Securities Exchange Commission. We adhere to the NEA Code of Ethics and Practice Standards for transparency and trustworthy business practices.

  • What Is A Fiduciary?

    A fiduciary is someone who puts the client’s interests first. They act with prudence, skill, care, diligence, and the good judgement of a professional. A fiduciary will not mislead clients and provides full and fair disclosure of all important facts.

  • What Makes Smarter Retirement Solutions Different?

    Our firm is distinguished by the depth that our Financial Strategists and Investment Advisor Representatives contribute. With male and female staff members from several generations, we offer well-rounded experience in identifying and managing your potential financial risks, and help you create steams of secure lifetime income.

    With Smarter Retirement Solutions, you may receive advice from all members of our team from time to time– unlike other firms that only give you access to one financial advisor. Our team brings decades of experience regarding risk management, as well as a strong commitment to personalized service.

  • Where Do You Work?

    We work with clients all over the United States and meet with them using a variety of channels (i.e. in-person, email, phone and video conferencing). Our corporate office is located on South Harbour Island in Tampa FL. We also have an office on Westshore Blvd and Kennedy Blvd Tampa FL. We have offices in Orlando FL, Austin TX, Denver, Loveland, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs CO. We utilize office sharing outlets across the U.S. to visit anywhere closest to and most convenient for you.

  • Where Are Meetings Held?

    Meetings can be held in person or by video. If your meeting is by video, we prefer that web cameras are turned on to improve the effectiveness of our meetings. We utilize Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. The locations of our primary offices are below, although we have access to office sharing networks to facilitate a visit anywhere closest to and most convenient for you:


    • Downtown Tampa – 600 S Harbour Island Blvd Ste 109 Tampa FL 33602
    • Westshore – 5401 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33609
    • Mall of Millenia – 5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32839


    • Hill Country Galleria – 12600 Hill Country Blvd R-275 Bee Cave, TX 78738


    • Academy – 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd Suite 111, Colorado Springs CO 80920


    • Downtown – 1624 Market St Suite 202, Denver, CO 80202
    • Eldorado Ridge – 11001 W 120th Ave Suite 400, Broomfield, CO 80021
    • Loveland – 1635 Foxtrail Drive Suite 355, Loveland, CO 80538
    • Fort Collins – 155 E Boardwalk Suite 400, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Who is a good fit for smarter retirement solutions?

    Smarter Retirement Solutions helps individuals, families, and companies of all shapes and sizes achieve their vision for financial success. We specialize in income planning, financial risk management, and responsible portfolio growth techniques for individual workers, business owners, government contractors, 1099 contractors, federal employees, municipal and state employees, and more.

  • Why Smarter Retirement Solutions?

    We believe that people choose to work with us for five primary reasons:

    • What We Do (Our Mission)
    • Our Process
    • Our Team and Expertise
    • Our Core Values
    • Our Tools

    The tools we provide are designed to save time and help uncover opportunities to get more out of your time and your money.

  • Why Do I Need To Consider Insurance With My Financial Plan?

    A big part of an effective plan is becoming aware of and addressing the risks that may lie ahead. Insurance helps protect you and your loved ones against catastrophic events. Health insurance, life insurance, long term care solutions, and disability insurance, can all be considered in a Retirement Income Plan. Our experts will analyze existing policies for their cost effectiveness and benefits to you and your family.

  • Who Benefits From Your Service?

    Any individual or family seeking financial peace of mind can benefit from our services. We serve people from all walks of life. Clients have the flexibility to work with us on a one-time, as-needed, or ongoing basis. We welcome clients who simply need a one-time financial consultation or second opinion, as well as those who need full financial planning or ongoing investment management services. In addition, any business or organization seeking quality unbiased financial education for their employees or members can benefit from our financial education seminars. Our seminars cover topics such as federal employee retirement benefits, women in retirement, life after divorce, social security optimization, long-term care risks and solutions, and income planning.

  • How Often Should I See The Team At Smarter Retirement Solutions?

    While we might make a different recommendation based on your unique circumstances, we typically schedule visits with you at least once a year. We conduct annual reviews to thoroughly review your progress and make any necessary adjustments. You should also consider making an appointment with us in anticipation of life-changing events such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, or in preparation for receiving an inheritance.

  • What Type Of Securities Do You Provide Advice For?

    We provide advice for all types of securities, such as ETF’s, mutual funds, stocks (as they relate to your portfolio holdings), bonds, bank deposits, and annuities. We also provide advice on 401(k) and 403(b), Thrift Savings Plan and other retirement programs.

  • What Is Your Investment Philosophy?

    We believe in the following fundamental principles when it comes to designing an investment portfolio and making specific recommendations:

    • Income is the outcome that matters most in retirement, as our colleague Karlan Tucker says.
    • The purpose of money should dictate the placement of money.
    • The design of your Retirement Income Plan must take into account your financial objectives, tolerance for risk, needs for current income or liquidity, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes.
    • The important thing to remember is that no one can predict the future. Difference of opinion makes a market. Investment and economic “experts” provided with the same information often come to different conclusions. We do not suggest that we, or that any of the money or mutual fund managers that we may recommend, will make the correct decision every time. We do believe, however, that studying the historic trends and relationships of investment classes and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers can provide valuable insight. If you have a secured lifetime income, then your investment options with the rest of your assets are endless.
    • As our friend from Tom Hegna says, “I’m not trying to be the richest guy in the cemetery.” Our team believes that you should create lifetime income so that you can enjoy your go-go years to the fullest, while mitigating the risks of extended illness or a cognitive impairment so you can live out your slow-go years and no-go years with dignity and peace of mind.
  • What Kind Of Returns Can I Expect On My Investments With Advice From Smarter Retirement Solutions?

    We do not guarantee investment performance in any way. Past performance is certainly no guarantee of future results. In fact, we believe that there are several factors more important to your financial future than rate of return, such as how much you pay in taxes, how much you save, how much consumer debt you carry, and so on. However, we assist our clients

    What you can expect to get is returns which are appropriate for the level of risk you take and consistent with your financial needs. With that in mind, our philosophy that “Income is the outcome that matters most in retirement” ensures that our Retirement Income Planning Process designs future income instead of chasing after returns or market upside. We look for financial instruments that provide for acceptable upside risk coupled with appropriate downside protection to insulate our clients from the need to focus on returns each quarter rather than enjoying the season of life called retirement.

  • How Do You Select Investments For A Client?

    Before recommending any investment, we consider the current economic conditions, the outlook for a particular asset class or type of security, and how the investment fits within a client’s portfolio given his or her objectives and tolerance for risk.

    As fiduciaries, we strive to obtain the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet a client’s objectives, while being very conscious of total expenses and risk exposure.