Clint Connell headshot

Clint Connell FRC℠

Investment Adviser Representative

An Army Officer and a three-decade real estate expert, Clint joined Smarter Retirement Solutions to serve clients in Texas and the central U.S. His keen understanding of market trends and risk management offers our clients excellent value as our team builds solid Retirement Income Plans.

He remembers the underlying theme taught by his grandparents, who had been wiped out by the Depression, that “money doesn’t come easy and you need to protect what you have.”

His grandparents worked for the State of Texas starting in the 1930s, and later his father served as a Texas Ranger and his mom as a Texas school teacher. Clint witnessed the gratefulness that each generation displayed for their reliable employment benefits and steady streams of income. They saw these sources of predictable income as “heaven-sent.” Clint learned that being thrifty is a great way to gain financial security and create reliable future retirement income. He joined the Smarter Retirement Solutions team to now provide that same positive future outlook for all of our clients. When he sees them begin to really understand the benefits of reliable income, grasp the possibilities of a secure retirement, look at their future with bright anticipation rather than nervous uncertainty – that’s a good day in his book!

Clint and Andrea, his wife of 34 years, live in Austin, TX and have two sons; one a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and the other is a nationally recognized large-scale commercial artist. Clint leads our service to federal employees in the Central Texas region.