Stacy | Director of Client | Smarter Retirement Solutions

Stacey Ripley

Director of Client Success

Stacey was an invaluable resource for several local business owners in Alabama and Florida and overhauled their sales, marketing, HR, and accounting practices. She transitioned from the music industry as a recording artist to the business world. John and Stacey met through their common love of music and married in June 2017. Based on the Smarter Retirement Solutions team’s growth, Stacey enthusiastically joined the team as Director of Client Success and now leads our client experience process and supports our multi-state team. John and Stacey live in Orlando, FL, and stay active with five college-age children, are passionate about music, fitness, global missions, and travel. Stacey and John lead our service to federal clients in the Orlando, Tampa, and Denver areas, also providing support for our team members and clients around the world.